The fresh, inspiring, collaborative work of Artist Katie French + Graphic Designer Dena Swenson. You’ll soon be able to see their artwork on display + for purchase at Hair Lounge Minneapolis. Please follow their progress via instagram (Kitty + Dot).

A little tid-bit of info about their collaborative art name “Kitty + Dot”. Katie’s mom has called her “Kitty” her entire life and it’s something her friends have adapted. For Dena, growing up with an identical twin sister, people often asked “How can I tell you two apart?” and so she came up with the answer “Dena dot”. Dena’s dot is the distinguishing mole on her chin. Dena + Katie met in college in 2002 and have talked about making art together for many moons…and so 14 years later was born Kitty + Dot.

A little bit about Katie


Katie has worked as an Interior Designer for 8 years and has recently made painting her primary focus. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Studio Art from the University of Northwestern and her true passion is painting + having conversations with kindred spirits about the importance of art.

Although she has always had something art related brewing on the side, she is currently making the transition to bring her passion to the foreground through exploration and careful attention to what it is she’d like to share with the world.

Please check out Katie’s instagram feed to see her beautiful work!

You can read about Dena here.